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Get hands-on experience with Netskope’s Next Gen SWG and Zero Trust Network Access solution and practice securing a remote workforce.

Let’s face it - the perimeter is no longer a place. There are now more users, devices, apps, and data outside than inside. This network inversion is resulting in legacy security tools being blind and ineffective because they are typically entombed in on-premises boxes and lack the visibility and protection you need in today’s cloud- and remote worker-dominated world.

Netskope is redefining cloud, network, and data security with a modern, cloud-native security platform that gives you the visibility, control, and protection you need for users accessing the cloud, web, and private apps from anywhere.

Participate in this unique virtual lab to get hands-on experience with Netskope’s Next Gen SWG and Zero Trust Network Access solution. Led by a lab facilitator, you will have the unique opportunity to experience a modern cloud security platform through the eyes of both a remote worker that is performing a set of risky activities and a security practitioner that is tasked with protecting the remote worker and the company’s data.

In this virtual lab you will learn about:

  • The security risks resulting from the network inversion
  • How to deploy and operate a Next Gen SWG and a Zero Trust Network Access solution
  • How to protect your remote workers and your company’s data using a set of guided, hands-on exercises
  • What the first-hand experience is from the eyes of both a security practitioner and the remote worker they are aiming to protect

As a thank you for attending you will receive a link to the Gartner Note "Quick Answer: Cost Effectively Scaling Secure Access While Preparing for a Remote Workforce".

Please email Mariesa Milan at [email protected] with any questions.

Featured virtual lab facilitator:


Bob Gilbert
VP and Chief Evangelist