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 Thursday, 16th July

 10:00 BST


If you’re still reading this then I’m assuming you subscribe to, or have used, Microsoft Teams. But perhaps Slack or Workplace from Facebook is also fuelling collaboration in your organisation. Whatever your choice of collaboration app you’ll have undoubtedly noticed a ramp up in use over the past few months.

Your collaboration app of choice is probably just one of many cloud apps that you know your employees use. If you use Teams then you probably use other Office 365 apps, if you use Hangouts then you probably use the rest of the Google G Suite apps. There’ll be other apps too, in fact Netskope’s research shows that the average enterprise uses more than 1500 cloud applications.

If you want to embrace and encourage the use of collaboration where you work, but you don’t want to lay awake at night worrying about the security of your data - then this is the webinar for you. We’ll be focusing on...

  • Understanding the risks to your data when it comes to collaboration in the cloud
  • Explaining how simple it is to discover and protect your data in collaboration apps
  • Demonstrating how to gain visibility and control of your employees’ activities in those apps
  • How to expand data protection beyond collaboration apps to all cloud and web services

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Andy Aplin

Director, Sales Engineering

Ross Asquith

Security Transformation Principal EMEA


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