Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2020

 Wednesday, January 29

 10:00 AM PST

See what's coming next in cybersecurity and cloud security in 2020

Every year, the cybersecurity industry shifts and changes quite a bit. Finding new threats, building new infrastructures, and uncovering new risks, both in and out of the cloud were part of the evolution. With 2020 here, we’ll discuss the security topics we see as most impactful in protecting your organization’s data and assets.

The Netskope teams have pulled together 2020 predictions for what we think is shaping cybersecurity at large, and in the cloud.

Some of the topics include:

  • Attacker cloud adoption will grow rapidly
  • Cloud blindspots will continue, to the chagrin of SecOps teams
  • Accidental exposure and misconfigurations will increase

Join us to hear all about our predictions on topics like cloud-enabled threats, SASE, phishing and more.

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Featured Presenters:

Greg Mayfield

 Sr. Director, Product Marketing Netskope

Ray Canzanese

Director, Threat Research


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