Protecting Microsoft Office 365

 Wednesday, July 18th

 10:30 BST  |  11:30 CET


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We enable you to confidently adopt the Office 365 suite.

Just like you, we love Microsoft Office 365 – the increased productivity, the ease of use, the enhanced collaboration, the potential for data leakage…

Hang on. The what?!

If you’re adopting cloud within your organisation, then Microsoft Office 365 is probably front of mind. But with employees uploading your data into cloud applications like SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and Yammer, how are you going to secure and govern usage?

Risks to your data in Office 365 can include; your data being shared externally from OneDrive, users downloading files to personal devices, ransomware spreading rapidly through OneDrive sync clients. It’s no wonder that Microsoft themselves recommend the use of a CASB when Office 365 is deployed.

Join Netskope for this Microsoft Office 365 focused webinar to learn more about:

  • Why your data needs protection within the Microsoft Office 365 environment
  • How Netskope’s CASB solution can help protect your data, and defend against cloud threats
  • What other organisations are doing to safely enable Office 365 and its ecosystem apps

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